Behind the Robe (2019)

Readers who enjoy novels about court drama, lawyers and criminal justice will enjoy Behind the Robe: A Novel. Lourdes, a passionate public defender, applies to be a judge at the urging of Carlos, her husband, the boy she loved in high school, now a veteran with a chip on his shoulder. As a Latina she believes she has no chance and is shocked when the governor calls.

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My Name is Molly

“Molly’s story is filled with humor and realist…fast-paced with characters who make you cringe and smile.” Kay Kavanagh, Professor Emeritus

“. . . bulls-eye accurate about what happens in court, the interplay between defense attorneys and prosecutors, defense attorney’s and their clients.” Juliana Ore-Giron, Criminal Defense Attorney

“Her legal processes and courtroom procedures are convincing, as is the apparent law-job snobbery related to public defense. Her O’Rourke is multifaceted–self-absorbed, status-conscious and self-justifying—but she’s capable and well-intentioned . . .A smart, flawed central character you root for but cringe about.”






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Anne Levy’s Last Case (2014)

Anne Levy's Last CaseAnne Levy’s life is falling apart. Her boss wants to fire her, her ex has announced his marriage and a secret threatens her career. Has she tried her last case?


“A highly readable novel of courtroom and interpersonal drama.” —Kirkus Review

“The best trial description I have ever read.” —Jacqueline Wohl, Judge

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Dog Days (2013)

Dog Days

Mystery, Romance, Dogs. Kristin White, Prison 107656. has just been released from prison.  She took the rap for her boyfriend.  Prison sucks, but she loves him and knows they’ll be together.  No on, but Kristin is surprised when Josh is nowhere to be found.


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