Barbara Sattler

Author of legal thrillers


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Behind the Robe: A Novel

“All Rise the Honorable Lourdes Vasquez presiding.” Lourdes, the woman behind the robe and newly appointed to the bench, struggles with questions that change lives. Do the police have probable cause for a midnight search?  Should a minor be granted an abortion? Should children be sent to a religious school or stay in public school? Should the man standing before her be sent to prison? Should the defendant be allowed.. Read More


National Medication Disposal Day October 28th is National Medication Disposal day. You may wonder why you should care. At least on National Pancake day you get a free pancake. The US is in the midst of an opioid crisis. In 2016 more than 64,000 Americans died from overdoses of opioids including heroin, morphine, oxycodone, and related drugs. Every year the count rises. With the introduction of Fentanyl and other drugs.. Read More

SUMMER SALE – limited time only

For a limited time only, My  Name is Molly, Anne Levy’s Last Case, and Dog Days are available on Amazon or from the author  for only $2.99 Kindle edition and approximately $6.00 for paperbacks. (postage may be additional) As always all proceeds go to the TMA (Transvere Myelitis Association) a non-profit that helps adults and kids with rare neurological diseases.  See for more information.  


I’ve just met the most remarkable woman, Mary Matiella. She is running for Congress in District 2 against Martha McSally. The Democrats lost District 2 last time only by 1500 votes. There are many in the primary. Why should you vote for MATIELLA? Read this and find out. Mary Matiella grew up in Tucson in a farm work family. Despite hard times and being the first in her family to.. Read More

MY SURGICAL EXPERIENCE- perhaps think twice

The following was published on the TRANSVERSE MYELITIS ASSOCIATION Blog in July 2017 Ms. Barbara Sattler is on the Board of the Transverse Myelitis Association. While a city court magistrate in Tucson, Arizona, Barbara contracted Transverse Myelitis. She took four months to recover before returning to work and was later appointed to the superior court bench. Barbara retired in 2008. Since retirement she has written three novels, legal thrillers, (Available at.. Read More