When Frank Perez and Sean O’Grady leave stable jobs to start a law firm, they struggle for four years before they have enough business to justify more help.  They take a chance on Lucy Wagner, who has the right stuff (smart and female)—as well as a history of drug addiction. Two years clean, Lucy passed the bar, but hasn’t been admitted to practice.  Perez and O’Grady worry she won’t stay clean or be admitted to practice.  In their haste to show compassion, have they made a horrible mistake?

Perez and O’Grady, Lawyers chronicles the lawyers as they meet with scared clients at the jail in the middle of the night; tell parents even if they pay they can’t call the shots; and negotiate plea deals with prosecutors and then try to sell them to their clients.  Follow a date-rape trial from the accused arrest through his trial and what happens after the verdict. The firm also represents a dying woman who wants to cut her son out of the will because he’s gay; and  drug dealer who Lucy believes killed an old friend.

The authors have seventy years of combined legal experience and are able to provide a realistic look of what happens behind the scenes.

The novel is availble in paperback and ebook at Amazon, Outskirts Press Bookstore and various on-line bookstores.

Barbara and Kenney were married 37 years. Kenney died shortly after they finished the book.  While they had many joint projects, this is the only novel they wrote together.