It’s amazing how fast this new life becomes the norm.

It’s five days into hunkering down.  A couple weeks ago the leader of our play-reading group canceled the April meeting due to Corona virus fears. My reaction was ‘how ridiculous is that’. I owe her an apology.

It’s only a week, seems longer, and life has changed dramatically.  No coffee with friends, no mah jong, no movies, no eating at restaurants.  Thanks goodness for the internet, Netflix, Amazon, Acorn. My dogs. My husband. 

It’s hard to believe there’s a pandemic until you try to buy toilet paper. I don’t think it’s a hoax, but I don’t know anyone who has it. My friends in Tucson, and all over the US are fine.  One friend in Portland who was sick all of February with bronchitis,  now thinks it was Corona virus and so does her doctor.  To check how many diagnosed cases in Pima Country or elsewhere turn on the Weather Channel.  On the bottom of the screen on the right hand side there’s a circle that will give you that information.

What do I look forward to? Reading the newspaper is still possible. I don’t read every page. I aways start with Dear Amy and feel better when I see the ridiculous things people worry about or their horrendous situations though many are their own fault. Next letters to the editor, the weather, health and food columns.  Sunday’s my favorite.  Advice from Dr. Hein (the Dr. Spock of Tucson now helping seniors); Dear Kathy (pet questions) and sometimes in the Sunday New York Times Magazine the diagnosis column by Dr. Lisa Sanders.  She finds a case that had doctors stumped and explains how it gets eventually solved. Sort of like the TV show House in a short column. I have this fantasy that somewhat will get sick and after hearing their symptoms I’ll remember what I read and save the day.

Then there is the mail but not today. Damn. Must be Sunday. I rarely get anything that doesn’t go straight into recycle.  A few bills and last year several notices from the IRS. Let’s not talk about that  But still I like to walk to the mail box and look. Maybe I’ll get a check from .Antigone from a book sale or two.  Maybe a card from a friend.  

One high point of the day is meals. I try to eat them slowly. The hard part is not eating too much. Why not have a cookie or. two or . . .  It’s harder to exercise.  Our pool’s too cold, except for my dog, and I’m not walking with friends. Then there’s not having enough time. The less I have to do the less I seem to get done.  We‘re ordering often from, Drunken Chicken, my son’s restaurant to help keep it afloat.  Nothing low-calorie there.

I’m so angry about the way the government is handling this crisis.  I won’t go over all the stupid mistakes our president has made.  I wish Cuomo could take over.  I’m totally incensed at the four Senators who used their inside information to make money on the stock market by selling stocks before the crash. I  rather liked Burr, he handled the intelligence committee in a non-partisan fashion, but then he tells his rich cronies we are not prepared for what’s coming and tells the country the US is ready for the crisis.  And Senator Loeffler who sells millions of dollars of stock, but also buys stock in two companies that facilitate on-line communication and are cleaning up.  I’ll get to the others later.

Today I’m boiling mad at Rand Paul who after getting tested for corona virus goes back to work, attends Senate lunches, swims in the Senate pool and exercises in the Senate gym. For some reason it takes six days to get his test back and it’s positive.  Who knows how many he infected?  He’s a doctor and should know better. I’ve since learned, at least in Phoenix, when you take a corona virus test you have to agree to be self-quarantined until you get the result. 

Sometimes when I wake up and realize I can’t go anywhere I feel a kind of happiness. For the first time in 71 years I don’t have any responsibility.  I have no choice but to enjoy the day. I don’t have to feel guilty when I read books, and the weather is great. l try to forget that people are losing their jobs, business are failing, hospitals can’t get the equipment they need, there’s not enough testing, people are getting sick and too many are dying, and worse some of the deaths might have been preventable.

Today I discovered on-line shopping.  That’s a fib.  I have shopped before, but usually for something I needed not as an activity.  The way I look at it is I’m doing a service for the country.  Many places are losing money and laying off employees.  If I can help my son’s restaurant why not retail.  

I made a loaf of Irish soda bread and even though I forgot one ingredient it turned out great.

A day may come when I’m not pissed off about Corona, but today isn’t it.  Remember when Republicans accused Democrats of having death panels when they trie to pass Obamacare?  The rhetoric I’ve heard today is ‘old folks are going to die anyway’, ‘they’re not productive and cost a lot,’ ‘they’d be happy to die to get the economy moving for their grandchildren’.  This is all in relation to Trump wanting to get the economy moving by Easter.  I’m not ready to go.