I’ve just met the most remarkable woman, Mary Matiella. She is running for Congress in District 2 against Martha McSally. The Democrats lost District 2 last time only by 1500 votes. There are many in the primary. Why should you vote for MATIELLA? Read this and find out.

Mary Matiella grew up in Tucson in a farm work family. Despite hard times and being the first in her family to graduate from high school, she attended Pueblo, then U/A and afterwards went on to spend her life serving our country. She has lived the American Dream and wants to assure it’s for everyone, not just the 1%. Her public service was capped when President Obama, with the unanimous support of the Senate, appointed her as Assistant Secretary of the Army to oversee the $240 billion dollar army budget, a position equivalent to that of a four star general. She held that position for 4 years.

She’s a military wife, the mother of two children, someone who knows parents need health care and Planned Parenthood. She married Francisco Matiella, a career air force officer 43 year ago. They have a daughter Maria Alejandra and a son Francisco Jose. She has returned to her home, Tucson, to run for Congress. While there are several good candidates in the Democratic primary, we think she has the best chance to defeat McSally.

· Mary can best represent those in our community who struggle economically and wonder where the next meal is coming from. She knows what it’s like to go to school hungry.
· Martha McSally is rightly proud to stand next to her jet fighter and Mary honors her for her service. However Mary knows vastly more about national defense and keeping us safe. She knows terrorism, she was working in the Pentagon on 9/11; she knows boots on the ground having visited troops in war zones in Afghanistan.
· Republicans talk bravely about cutting budgets but Mary has actually done it, big time. She had to oversee a 10% cut in the army’s budget due to sequestration and faced, not sound bites, but the real human suffering bad political decisions cause.
· She also worked for the Forest Service and has struggled with pressing environmental issues and the dangers of global warming.
· The teachers at Pueblo transformed her life; she’s a fan of public schools. She went to get a BA, MBA, CPA and at age 57 a Ph.D.
· As a Latina she has lived the problems facing minorities, including those in the LGBT community.
· And finally:
· Mary is the new face with new ideas and, despite her incredible accomplishments, she remains humble and actually listens to what others have to say.

Unfortunately in order to win candidates need money. Mary believes that it will cost her 1.5 million $ to be competitive. She is on her own. She doesn’t have any PAC or big money donors from Washington DC.

If you believe like we do that she will be the best candidate please donate to her campaign. As Bernie has proven, you don’t have to be rich to have your donation make a difference. These are critical times. Go to
This is the direct link to your event so people can RSVP or make a donation is: https://act.myngp.com/Forms/-6915760946868778240