A Good Read and a good deed.

Molly a materialistic, ambitious lawyer has everything- a job at a prestigious law firm, a fiance with a condo in the right postal zone, and looks women covet.

.But Molly’s law firm is hit hard by the recission. She’s fired, her fiance dumps her and has his property manager evict her from his condo.She finds herself jobless and living with her parents. Can it get worse?

Finally a job offer. But it’s a position at the Public Defender’s Office. Molly accepts reluctantly. She believes public defenders are rejects: bad grades, bad interview skills, or bad breath. Their clients all guilty.

Will Molly change as she meets her new colleagues, new clients and struggles daily with prosecutors and judges?

Barbara was a defense lawyer for 17 years and a judge for 11. Learn what really goes on behind the scene as Molly represents drug users, a serial rapist and tries a murder case.

Kirkus called her second novel, Anne Levy’s Last Case, “a highly readable novel of interpersonal and courtroom drama.”

All proceeds of her novels go to the Transverse Myelitis Association (TMA) a non-profit that supports adult and children with rare neurological diseases and funds research.