Barbara Sattler

Author of legal thrillers

PEREZ and O’GRADY, LAWYERS by Barbara Sattler and Kenney Hegland

When Frank Perez and Sean O’Grady leave stable jobs to start a law firm, they struggle for four years before they have enough business to justify more help.  They take a chance on Lucy Wagner, who has the right stuff (smart and female)—as well as a history of drug addiction. Two years clean, Lucy passed the bar, but hasn’t been admitted to practice.  Perez and O’Grady worry she won’t stay.. Read More

How the Corona Virus has changed my life

It’s amazing how fast this new life becomes the norm. It’s five days into hunkering down.  A couple weeks ago the leader of our play-reading group canceled the April meeting due to Corona virus fears. My reaction was ‘how ridiculous is that’. I owe her an apology. It’s only a week, seems longer, and life has changed dramatically.  No coffee with friends, no mah jong, no movies, no eating at.. Read More


The ebook version of Behind the Robe:  A Novel will be unavailable for purchase between approximately Jan 24th to Feb. 3.   Paperback still available To Compensate:  My best selling novel My Name is Molly, Kindle format, will be free between Jan. 24 and Jan. 28th on Amazon only.  AND Starting Jan. 24th at 12 am EST, the first 15 purchasers of Behind the Robe:  A Novel will receive a $3.00.. Read More

“Behind the Robe” by Barbara Sattler. BookBaby. $14 paperback, $9.99 Kindle. With just eight years under her belt as a public defender, Lourdes Velasquez is gobsmacked by her appointment to an Arizona Superior Court judgeship. A Latina Democrat without political connections, she hadn’t seriously entertained this as a possibility when, pressured by her husband, she applied for the post. She isn’t even sure she wants to be a judge —.. Read More


On Nov. 16 at 1 pm, MaryAnn Presman and I will do a reading at Mostly Book, 6208 E. Speedway (Wilmot and Speedway in the Beyond Bread shopping center.). MaryAnn will be reading from The Good Dishes, a book of short stories.  MaryAnn, a snowbird from the Chicago area and a rapid Cubs fan, has had her short stories published in a variety of journals and magazines. The stories range.. Read More